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Bridging Worlds is a clothing label design to bridge the inner world within our hearts, and the outer world of the phenomenal earth and material cosmos.

Our style is shamanic, to the measure that it and our global Vision stand in high alignment with Pachamama, the divine mother spirit of Earth.

All designs are purposefully designed from beginning to end to live in alignment with the highest potential of Earth, Humans and all expressions of Life.

Our first collection, called “Samsara”, is subject to a crowdfunding campaign.



This divine line of clothing is created from beginning to end to create clothing with a soul, with a unique energy in this world, that supports you the wearer, to expand, explore realms and co-create in this world.

By buying from us, you help small communities from Thailand and developing countries earn a living fairly and live gracefully.



These designs have been created firstly as a symbol of initiation to manhood/womanhood and to a New Phase of Self-Awareness. The embroided tribal designs express the belonging of one to the tribe of those becoming sovereign, and becoming spirit warriors for the expansion of Pachamama.

For the moment, our designs remain geometric, but as we evolve, levels of depth shall be added to the clothing line. They shall be augmented by the addition of the energetic enhancers along the spine and the meridians as well as unlockers of DNA potential through the application of sacred geometrical patterns, crop circle patterns and alchemical use of crystals along these energetic centerpoints and conduits.

As a wearer, we desire you experience the difference, in what it means to wear sacred clothing, woven with intention, purpose and love.