A big thank you to our team of initiators, without whom, none of this would have happened.
My vision of the world is a place of acceptance. A world of unique individuals unified by a common thread of respect and morality for all sentient life. Within this vision, young children are given the skills to understand their human-ness, so that they may grow into whole beings with their own visions of the world with the abilities to create the changes needed for our highest evolution.


My Vision of the Tribal Way goes toward the remembrance of Our Sacred Inheritance, the Wisdom and Ways of Old. Gathering by the fire under the million stars as we shine together amongst the heavens, carried by the heartbeat of the Earth and the winds of Spirit : I believe in our Dawn for we have seen, each other and Our dreams, come true; we have felt all that could be once One is made Whole.... Abundance in Light ....Abundance in Love....No Need to Fear once Home is found...