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  • Rumi
    Only from the heart can you touch the sky.
  • Osho
    Be realistic: Plan for a miracle
  • Osho
    Friendship is the purest love. It is the highest form of Love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving.


We see a human race having a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with the environments in which they evolve, with the understanding of impermanence, where we can be our tantric expressions, a world of simplicity, bliss, abundance.

We create spaces, events, art, culture, aspirational projects & more. we always have more space for new talents and new ideas.all of our project are community orientated [or collaborative]. Check our creative opportunities here.

Opportunities for Creatives and Contributors


We create humanizing spaces of work that support small local families in developing countries. We recognize who they are, their reality and help them thrive.


To create our sacred garments, we use processes that have a low-impact like natural fibers and naturals dies, and also, hand-embroidered.


We create a new system that generates a fair financial compensation to the workers, and that creates a surplus to give to communities in need.


Our hand-embroidered garments create an ethereal style which transcends time, and is created using methods that are ethical, sustainable, and ecological.


We've Seen and Created a Mystical clothing brand to facilitate human expansion and exchange of energies in this world.

It has been created in the intention of being a reflection of the raw purity and truth we hold within. It serves as an initiation and a gateway through the physical world to access higher levels of ourselves.

Discover our hand-embroidered garments integrating tribal designs by tattoo artists, initiatory artwork, sacred geometry and crafted through comfortable fabrics like hemp, linen and tencel.

Enliven your experience, renew your relationship with clothing, and support local communities in Thailand and developing countries by getting yours today.

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This tribe is a reflection of higher consciousness co-creating through love and harmony. When you join us you add your vibration to this harmonious symphony.

As we expand, we aim to facilitate the manifestation of the higher frequencies of Earth and allow the Natural Cosmic Order to unfold, without hindering or resistance of the Ego. Our goal is to allow the Tantric Earth to unfold into it's full manifestation, allow synchronicities and the Natural Order to regain their space.

We wish to create a new civilization, where we create from the heart, and in which all forms of life are supported.

If you wish to co-create with us, join our tribe, share with us your message, your vision, your voice. Let us create a masterpiece and a legacy for our Cosmic Next of Kin. To inspire the Universe and live in Spirit.

Shine bright Light Being.

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